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A.B.E. Auto Salvage Inc.

Don’t buy overpriced new parts for your older automobile; we’ll help you salvage auto parts and save money.

Find any used or nearly-used part, we even brand-new OEM and aftermarket components. Don’t fret over a hard-to-find part, we will be able to locate it for you.
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Where hard to find parts can be found
Allow us to search for that perfect part and offer it to you at an affordable price. Enjoy a 30-day guarantee on used parts, don’t forget to keep your receipt!

We are able to find anything you need for your automobile including, hoods, bumpers, engines, transmissions, and headlights for any make or model of older vehicle, classic and antique car parts included.
Cash for your car
It is said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure; sell us your salvage auto parts and help others who are looking to save money on repairs.

We buy any make and model of cars, bring your aging automobile to us today!